An Expert Commercial Roofing Service Team for Efficient Roof Snow Removal Service!

When it comes to professional and commercial roofing service, Over and Above Contracting has got you covered in the Georgetown, TX area. We are proud to offer various services, including our popular roof snow removal service. Our dedicated and proficient crew will ensure that your roof remains safe and damage-free this winter.


Benefits of Roof Snow Removal Services

  • Safety first: Slippery roofs pose a danger not only for homeowners but also those living nearby. By promptly addressing accumulating snow on rooftops, we reduce the risk of accidents and associated liabilities.
  • Prevent costly repairs: Prolonged exposure to snow and ice buildup leads to hidden damage, which becomes expensive if left untreated. Our skilled team helps prevent these unnecessary costs by tackling any rooftop precipitation promptly.
  • Maintain structural integrity: Weighty layers of snow can cause stress on the roofing structure, eventually affecting its overall stability. Our highly trained professionals proficiently deal with this hazard, ensuring your building remains protected from costly consequences.

Fast and Reliable Roof Snow Removal Solutions

Heavy snowfall can lead to various issues related to the structural integrity and overall appearance of your property’s roof. Our company is well-versed in providing customized solutions for effective roof snow removal in the area while adhering to best practices when it comes to ensuring safety during the process. Our methods include the use of professional-grade equipment like long extension poles with ice scraper blades specifically designed for removing compacted layers of ice from rooftops without causing damage to roofing materials. We also take into account factors such as air temperature fluctuations that can affect how efficiently ice melts away once removed from roofs. The strategies employed by our competent crew differ based on individual properties’ needs. Rest assured that every project is handled with maximum diligence.


Ready for an exceptional experience in roof snow removal? Trust Over and Above Contracting as your reliable commercial roofing service provider in the Georgetown, TX area! Contact us today at (512) 616-1095 for more information!